Luxury Yacht Charter

The Private Yacht Company offer a unique and fully bespoke yacht charter service.

Unlike mainstream yacht brokers, The Private Yacht Company purposely does not list or manage individual yachts for charter in order to provide genuine and truly impartial advice, carefully reviewing not only the entire global yacht charter fleet but many of the worlds most exclusive, off-market private yachts, often working directly with yacht owners and expertly matching yacht with client.

Spending valuable time on a private yacht is travel at its most luxurious – liberating and unforgettable – the sheer freedom and delicious abandonment that exists onboard a private yacht is only ever understood by the actual experience of cruising some of the world’s most stunning locations.

Private yacht charters allow you to explore some of the world’s most exclusive regions and revel in the pristine, unspoiled beauty of remote islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites. Whether you envision an active family getaway, romantic honeymoon escape or glamorous island-hopping adventure, chartering a private yacht will introduce you to the world’s best-kept secrets.

Spending time on a private yacht is travel at its most luxurious, liberating and unforgettable

Unlike time spent in boutique hotels and exclusive resorts, a private yacht charter revolves entirely around you and your desires. Offering outstanding privacy and control, you and your guests will experience some of the best service in the world. As unique, intimate and personalised as you desire, every last detail of a private yacht charter is decided by you, from the ingredients in tonight’s dinner to where the yacht sails tomorrow.

Behind all private yacht charters lies the experience of a world-class crew: these expertly trained professionals will cater to your every need, from preparing the meals and rooms daily to organizing extravagant on-board parties, no request is too big or too small.

Keeping your business, your business.